Tuesday, 19 December 2017


And here is the time of the year were moms would be so busy arranging the stuff for their children. Taking care of the baon of their kids, washing the uniforms, and the most important work of the mom is being the alarm clock.

So here are some organizing tips for moms out there:

Lunch Boxes/ Allowances
Think of exciting lunch you can give to your kids, it gives them boost and energy in class. Some moms add some creativity to make their kids more excited. But thinking about the creativity you also must think of the time you will prepare it. It must not consume your time. Easy to prepare. For allowances, other kids don’t want packed lunch any more they want it in cash. So before giving them cash or before the school starts, ask them how much they need. Then compute all the expenses they will be needing. The two of you must agree the amount you will be giving.

Washing and Ironing
You must have a schedule for washing and ironing the uniforms. You can’t do that every day.

The trickiest part, and because all of you are from vacation, your body clock is not on auto-pilot yet. Two weeks before the school starts, you must adjust yourself and your kids with the time you have to wake-up. You must know the time you will be spending to prepare their lunch, breakfast, and clothes and etc. Explain why they have to compromise with the time. Keep them on time to build a good attitude in terms of schedule.

House work
As the school starts, your time for the house chores decreases. Organize everything before the school starts.

After organizing those stuff, have you ever thought how to deal with working-out and keeping healthy? Syempre di na masyado. E paano mo masisingit sa busy mong schedule ang pagwowork-out? Sa pagjo-jogging pa lang aabutin ka na ng isang oras? In busy schedule like these, all you need is 5 mins work-out, how? Well, the answer is Slim Shaper Pro.

Slim Shaper Pro is a fitness machine that can give you abs, firm buns, slender legs and will help you with your cardio work-out.

How will you use it? Just lay on your stomach on the machine hold the hand grips then pull-up and release. Do this for 5 minutes every day. While in releasing position you can adjust sliding in left side or right side to have firmer abs.

The 5 minutes exercise in Slim Shaper Pro is equivalent to 60 minutes jogging, 50 minutes swimming and 300 sit-ups.

You can do this while watching your kids too. Hindi mo na kailangan pang lumabas para lang magpapawis at magkaroon ng magandang abs, slender legs at firm buns.

Ooops, hindi lang to pang kay mommy, pwede rin ito kay daddy, ate at kuya. You can have your healthy lifestyle family bonding!

How to avail the Slim Shaper Pro? Just log on the website www.ezshop.asia .

Idagdag mo na sa busy schedule mo ang page-exercise gamit ang Slim Shaper Pro available for only P4,980!!!

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